The opening of Rooster’s Firearms is a dream come true for owner Jim Mulhall and his wife Terry. Jim has over 35 years of proudly serving the community during his law enforcement career. His career in law enforcement has seen him through the ranks of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff, sergeant, and commander. He has served on the Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Detail (SWAT) as a sniper, as a Bomb Squad Technician and later as Bomb Squad Commander for the San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force. He concluded his law enforcement career as the Chief of Police for the City of Atascadero. The name of Rooster is one that was given to him many years ago by his co-workers in part for his then red hair, and equally for his attitude as a young deputy. Through the years, the hair has thinned, but his attitude and name stuck around. 

Terry is his wife and you will occasionally see her at the store too. She hopes to empower women with the confidence and ability to feel comfortable with owning and safe- handling of firearms for target shooting, hunting, personal defense and concealed carry. With the number of women purchasing firearms increasing, she sees that the firearms industry has been slow to meet the unique needs and concerns of women shooters and owners. She herself is a gun owner, a handgun safety instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor and a Range Safety Officer. She is passionate about having a store that is not intimidating or confusing when it comes to the decision to pick out the right firearm, concealed carry purse or pepper spray.

For the many who already know Jim, they will tell you that his loves in life are his family first, his motorcycle, and guns!!! He is a proud father to loving children, many of them serving or have served proudly in the Armed Forces. All of his children have grown up feeling comfortable around handguns and rifles and that feeling is one that he wants all families to have. He wants all men, women, and children to feel confident and comfortable with owning and handling of all guns and not not fear them, but to respect them. He is a certified NRA instructor for the Boy Scouts of America and a Certified Handgun Safety Instructor. To say that it has always been a dream of Jim’s to have his own gun store is certainly an understatement!! He has been an avid collector for years and never passes up an opportunity to talk about old guns, used guns, military guns, rusted guns and old gun stories.


John Cole

John Cole

Rob Fell

Rob Fell

I’ve lived here on the central coast all my life. I like riding motorcycles and being outdoors, including hiking, camping, hunting , fishing and just enjoying the fresh air. I consider myself friendly, honest , and someone that is always willing to help other people. I’ve been involved in the gun industry for around 15 years now, and have enjoyed shooting since I was about 7 years old. I hope sharing some of my experiences at the store will help others with shooting safely and getting all there is out of the sport.
Steven McClenny

Steven McClenny


Not only is Doc a Large Animal Veterinarian, his past includes being the former owner of Shoot the Moon Outfitters, hunting guides, and cowboy & packer in the Sierras. He has extensive knowledge of hunting, cowboy action shooting, reloading, and was a previous 4-H shooting instructor. Doc also brings a lifetime of knowledge in antique and collectible firearms, particulary colt and winchester. Feel free to visit with Doc and have him help you with your firearms needs.

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